What if I told you there was something better than manifestation?


Manifestation is basically the HOW something comes to fruition

Considering the universe and the Divine are much more inept at sifting through the 'how' in order to find the quickest, easiest and most beneficial way to manifest something than our human is

Then do you even care or want to get stuck into on the how?

And this is where Actualization comes in to play

Actualization is the outcome of manifestation, the THAT something has come to fruition

This is likely the part that you're actually interested in, right?

Let me give you an example...

When you order food to be delivered, you don't actually necessarily care about how it's made, who makes it, who your driver is, what vehicle they're using or the route they take to get your food to you

You simply care that the food appears at your front door

And that is the difference between manifestation and actualization

Manifestation is the food being made and finding its way to your house

Actualization is the food at your door - the outcome of the manifestation

Now this really isn't a new ideal so you may have already heard of something similar

But a little while ago, my Divine soul family helped me to tune in and download a Quantum Actualization technique anchored in 12D technology and beyond

Let me tell you fam, it's exciting and magical af


For me personally...
Within a day of using this technique, I discovered the perfect new home for Chica and myself when I was house hunting
Within 2 days, because we were still in lockdown I was given a unique inspection opportunity that would allow me to view the home and put in an application
Within 3 days, I was approved for that same home

I actualised 2 leather couches COMPLETELY FREE, one of which is worth $6K and it only took 1 week

I recently needed my car fixed, but my mechanic's schedule was booked out for over a month and I didn't want to take it anywhere else, because honestly, getting it towed would have been a headache...

So I actualized space within his schedule and he even came to pick up my car from my home that very afternoon

I've actualized wonderful new soul family members who are truly holding space for their own evolution, thus my own

I've actualized new soul mate clients who are absolutely ready and willing to commit to their own healing & elevation of consciousness

There's also a bunch of other things, but they haven't quite "landed" as of yet, so I don't want to elaborate on those until they have

I'm not the only one who's experienced immediate and mind-blowing results

I initially shared this technique with my beautiful friend Melissa from The Centre for Healing

Melissa and her gorgeous little family had also been searching for a place to call home, with not much luck

WITHIN A FEW HOURS of doing this technique with her, I received this message:

"and just like that, got my dream house for a min of 2 months... the exact view and amount of room and location that we originally wanted 💗✨✨✨"


Exactly 5 weeks to the day of receiving that message, I received another one from Mel...

"Just got our dream house long term rental !!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼"


Once I released and created a proper session, I revisited this with Melissa, focusing on business and it's resulted in their first $100K month!


As you can see, this 12D technique is POWERFUL AF


I'll be absolutely honest though...it won't work for every situation or everyone that tries it

Because there are certain energetic requirements that must be met

The biggest requirement being, what it is that you want to actualize cannot stem from a place of fear or 100% selfishness - I can pretty much guarantee it won't work in those instances

You also must be committed to DETACHING FROM AND EMBODYING what it is you want to actualize

That's why I don't simply offer 12D Quantum Actualization as a single session - I offer this as part of my PORTAL SHIFT session IF mine/your Divine support teams, Galactic star families and Ascension teams guide me towards it.


If this technique excites you
If there's something you've been struggling to manifest
If you feel the call

Then I invite you to book a free discovery call with me to continue the conversation 💜

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