Divine Expression

Divine abilities aren't limited to a "special" few - they're available to everyone willing to cultivate them

4 Week

online group journey


your cosmic connection


your intuition


your divine abilities

Commencing 2 February 2023

Beautiful soul

Do you dream of being a psychic, reading cards, channeling light language or being a medium?

If you've ever been told or felt like it's out of your reach, I invite you to set aside those limitations and remember that you are human as well as beyond human!


There was a time when I wasn't connected with my intuition...then I was

There was a time when I couldn't do card readings...then I could

There was a time when I couldn't do energy healing...then I did

There was a time when I couldn't see past lives...then I could

There was a time when I couldn't channel light language...then I did


There is a false narrative keeping you oppressed from your divinity and I'm here to create a safe, supportive and expansive space for you to rediscover your empowerment and activate the abilities most aligned with the vision of life you want to create

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This online journey is for the courageous souls who...


▲ Are ready to reconnect with their higher selves and feel empowered by their inner guiding compass


▲ Feel the call to step into divine service and would like to develop their intuition and specific or new abilities 


▲ Missioned souls already in divine service who no longer feel aligned to their current abilities and are ready to expand into new paths

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group calls via Zoom with real time Q&A, hot seat coaching and replay access


practice session call with group members in a safe and supportive environment


group voice/text via Telegram for Q&A, sharing and to support your integration


discount code for a 1:1 Quantum Shift session with Christine to further support your journey


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Bonus #1: access to the Light of Your Soul 30 day online program (value $197)


Bonus #2: receive a code for 50% off a 1:1 Quantum Shift session with Christine.
valid for use during the course or within 14 days of conclusion

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Payment Plan

Deposit $97
2 x $352 per month (first payment when we begin)


Bonus: receive a code for 25% off a 1:1 Quantum Shift session with Christine.
valid for use during the course or within 14 days of conclusion

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The above are new course introductory prices.  These will go up in the next intake, later in 2023!

Your guide on the journey...

For those new to my ecosystem, my name is Christine and I'm a Quantum Manifestation and Alignment Coach.

I create a safe and supportive space where I offer intuitive insight, channeled guidance and quantum energy work through individual and group coaching, online programs, speaking and facilitating.

I truly believe every human is a fractal of source - a momentary expression of the universe to experience itself in a sensory existence.

As such, I'm passionate about empowering you to shine brighter and help you align your energetic frequency with your soul's essence of freedom, flow and abundance to manifest the fulfilling life you desire.