Divine Expression

Everything you've ever wanted already exists in the Quantum field

Do you feel stuck in a cycle of repeating patterns, lost or like you're just spinning your wheels trying to get traction?


Are you still struggling with health, financial abundance, and/or relationships and no matter how much healing or self-development you do it seems like you're trapped on a never-ending rollercoaster?


Does manifesting seem out of reach?  Perhaps you've been following thought based ideals like what's taught in "The Secret" and you feel like it's just not working for you?

Do you desire to become a living embodiment of your divine soul essence and manifest your dream life?

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Are you ready to Quantum Shift?


Receive a transformative private 1:1 session via Zoom

Where we'll work through clearing your entire energetic system of distortions, limitations and non-serving stories

As well as reprogram your subconscious beliefs, upgrading your cells, DNA and frequency

So you can begin anchoring new timelines and powerfully manifest the life you desire

An idea of the magic you'll experience in these sessions...

✦ Identifying your soul's desire then creating and amplifying an aligned goal/mission
✦ Activating connection and flow of divine cosmic energy
✦ Deactivating unworthiness and identity limitations
✦ Clearing chakras, meridians and aura blockages to realign with your soul's essence
✦ Rewriting and reprogramming subconscious & DNA stories to eliminate sabotage
✦ Opening new timelines, manifestation Activation and 12D Quantum Actualization
✦ And of course, intuitive co-creative guidance
✦ Plus homework to support your integration and ensure long-term results

Single Session

Up to 90min

AUD $400

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Due to the nature of this medicine and dependant on your current level of consciousness and where you're at in your journey, the potency is often greater when devoted to as an embodiment journey, so multi-session packs are available below.

3 session journey

AUD $1,000
(save $200)

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5 session journey

AUD $1,600
(save $400)

Purchase and schedule

When purchasing multi-session journeys, you'll be taken to the calendar to schedule your initial session.  Towards the end of that session, you'll be muscle tested or receive intuitive guidance from Christine as to the ideal timeframe for the next session and given instructions on how to schedule.  This is to ensure adequate integration time between each session.

Your guide on the journey...

For those new to my ecosystem, my name is Christine and I'm a Quantum Manifestation and Alignment Coach.

I create a safe and supportive space where I offer intuitive insight, channeled guidance and quantum energy work through individual and group coaching, online programs, speaking and facilitating.

I truly believe every human is a fractal of source - a momentary expression of the universe to experience itself in a sensory existence.

As such, I'm passionate about empowering you to shine brighter and help you align your energetic frequency with your soul's essence of freedom, flow and abundance to manifest the fulfilling life you desire.