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Quantum Shift

Transformative private 1:1 session/s

Where we work through clearing your entire energetic field of distortions, limitations and non-serving stories.  As well as reprogram your subconscious beliefs, upgrading your cells, DNA and frequency so you can begin anchoring new timelines and powerfully manifest the life you desire

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Quantum Alchemy

Quantum healing & manifestation mentoring container

I bring all my magic and tools to help you reset your energetic system, switch on your own intuition, align to your soul's essence, anchor new timelines and actualize your manifestations into the physical.

(Initial 12 weeks, plus option to continue on a monthly basis)

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Divine Expression

4 week virtual group program

Designed to align you to higher frequencies, cultivate your intuition, activate your divine abilities and develop the courage to express your divine medicine

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Light of Your Soul

Digital course

Lovingly created to heal, soothe and activate your soul with potent Light Codes, Light Language, Quantum Energy Activation and Sound Medicine so you can create a change in yourself, your life, your energy and your divine connection, in 30 days

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Welcome to my space...

For those new to my ecosystem, my name is Christine and I'm a Quantum Manifestation and Alignment Coach.

I create a safe and supportive space where I offer intuitive insight, channeled guidance and quantum energy work through individual and group coaching, online programs, speaking and facilitating.

I truly believe every human is a fractal of source - a momentary expression of the universe to experience itself in a sensory existence.

As such, I'm passionate about empowering you to shine brighter and help you align your energetic frequency with your soul's essence of freedom, flow and abundance to manifest the fulfilling life you desire.